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We believe that self-determination is more than a dream. We serve one of the most vulnerable populations, justice involved people.

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Block Builderz ARE building hope block by block. 

Who are We, What do We do, and how do we do it

Who WE are:Block Builderz are led by Black and Brown people. We have been directly impacted by incarceration and we are leading the change for the next generation. We do this by tapping into the Greatness of our ancestors within us. We stand firmly in the concept and belief of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a way of living in Africa, an expression of love and respect for all humankind, and an understanding that WE ALL NEED ONE ANOTHER.

Our mission: Block Builderz mission promotes community led solutions that promote racial justice and economic justice from a holistic perspective. A holistic approach leverages the human capital of Community Leaders, Activists and those with justice involvement to be the architects of positive change.


Community Led Solutions

Economic Justice

Racial Justice

Credible Messengers

Restorative Justice

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