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We stand firmly in the concept and belief of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a way of living in Africa, an expression of love and respect for all humankind, and an understanding that WE ALL NEED ONE ANOTHER. 


Racial equity

Equal opportunity

Economic stability

Social justice

Community empowerment 



We believe that by focusing on the eight dimensions of wellness, we can equip people impacted by the criminal injustice system with the tools to create a brighter, more equitable future for all.

people first language

“Our humanity is maintained and respected by not referring to us in those impersonal and definitive terms, but by acknowledging our intrinsic value as human and not by defining us by the worst day or act in our lives.”

-Jerome R. Wright, statewide organizer for the #HALTsolitary Campaign

Dehumanizing language has historically enabled the mistreatment of marginalized groups, including those affected by the criminal justice and immigration systems in the United States. It is crucial to use language that recognizes people's humanity, rather than reducing them to labels such as "convict" or "illegal immigrant." Many individuals and organizations are adopting people-first language, which emphasizes a person's humanity before their involvement with these systems. For example, using terms like "person who was convicted of a crime" acknowledges individual agency and potential for growth. Misusing labels like "criminal" or "offender" perpetuates negative stereotypes, instills fear, and hinders the well-being of those who have gone through these systems. Choosing people-first language that respects human dignity is an essential step toward addressing the harm caused by dehumanization.

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