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how we build hope

Our Programs

Our programs aim to provide a comprehensive approach to supporting justice impacted individuals in their transition and reintegration into society. We believe in the power of community and outreach to create lasting change, and we strive to promote economic justice by offering resources and opportunities for employment and financial stability. Our education programs focus on empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

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Economic Justice


Return to hope

Return to Hope is a sister organization to Block Builderz that aims to create upward mobility opportunities centered on racial equity. They provide resources and programs to help participants develop stability in their lives, including addressing health, employment, and skills training. Return to Hope focuses on building equity by providing employment resources, as well as offering community partnerships for employment opportunities and apprenticeships. Additionally, they offer a path to entrepreneurship as an alternative for individuals facing systemic barriers to employment.

Hope builderz

In partnership with the Michael Jordan Brand Black Community commitment in an effort to advance racial equity, Hope Builderz is our business program for entrepreneurs to offer resources for start up businesses, specifically black-owned businesses. It is a 10-week program with a goal to provide start up businesses with the capital, knowledge and support needed to scale a sustainable business. Participants will hear from subject matter experts who will help them craft their business plans, and be assigned a business mentor. Upon completion, participants are awarded a $2,500 investment into their businesses.

racial Justice


NIa's Place

A SAFE home to welcome women impacted by the criminal justice system back into the community. Our housing will offer multi-dimensional holistic services; gender specific programming, personal agency, community based, power building and social transformation. The desired outcome is to achieve systemic change and structural barriers to reentry.




Transformative Change fellowship

This program is based on trauma informed principles to bring about change. It is designed to remove mental barriers and foster participants’ confidence in envisioning a more improved life. Additionally, it serves as a workforce development course and ultimately aims to establish connections between participants and education as well as employment prospects that enhance their overall quality of life.

credible messenger

Credible Messenger is an approach modeled in restorative justice that relies on the unique relationships that Credible Messengers form with justice-involved youth, and others, to modify individual behavior and strengthen disadvantaged communities. Trained Credible Messengers are people who have often been incarcerated and mentor these youth to develop pathways out of incarceration.


“The Credible Messenger movement is emerging based on a holistic, comprehensive approach to justice that transforms and improves individual lives, rearranges the relationship between communities and the justice system, and empowers neighborhoods to use the resources they have within to maintain public safety. Using this people-up perspective, the Credible Messenger approach seeks to build trust and inspire change from within communities so that they can feel positive about possibilities rather than facing a future of frustration."


Throughout the year, we organize a series of events and collaborations with community organizations to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families. We aim to address critical needs and work towards a more inclusive and supportive society. By organizing these events, we strive to create positive experiences, bridge gaps, and uplift individuals and families facing challenges.

  • annual prom dress drive & giveaway

One of our highly anticipated annual events is the prom dress drive and giveaway. We collect gently used prom dresses, formal attire, and accessories from generous donors in the community. These donations enable us to host a special event where high school students in need can find the perfect dress or outfit for their prom night, at no cost.

  • building hope resource fair

Our annual Building Hope Resource Fair brings together various community organizations that provide resources and support the North Tulsa community. At this fair, individuals and families have the opportunity to connect with service providers, learn about available housing options, access job assistance programs, and access medical and mental health support.​

  • back to school backpack giveaway

​As the back-to-school season approaches, we host a backpack giveaway event to ensure that students start the academic year prepared and confident. Through collaborations with local businesses and sponsors, we collect brand-new backpacks filled with school supplies. This initiative not only helps alleviate the financial burden of school supplies but also promotes educational success and empowers students to excel in their studies.

  • annual kids coats giveaway

​When colder weather arrives, our organization holds an annual kids coats giveaway. This is a community led effort to provide coats, hats and gloves and distribute them to children. We believe that every child should have a warm coat to face the winter season, regardless of their financial circumstances.

  • hygiene kits

​We have been able to prioritize the distribution of hygiene kits to people experiencing homelessness. These kits contain essential personal care items such as period products. Our aim is to promote hygiene, dignity, and overall well-being among the most vulnerable members of our community.

Community & outreach

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