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D'Marria Monday

Founder & Executive Director


D’Marria Monday is a Transformative Change agent. She is a mother, sister, Healer, Truth seeker, and Truth Speaker. She is the Founding Director of Block Builderz, a vision given to her during her 7 years of incarceration. D’Marria uses her lived experience to create innovative solutions in her community, which can be seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network's(OWN) documentary series, Rebuilding Black Wall Street. This episode highlights D’Marria’s efforts to be the Change she wants to see.

Systems of oppression have devastated communities of color for hundreds of years. As a survivor of mass incarceration, D’Marria works to dismantle strucural barriers through storytelling, advocacy, legislation, and grassroots organizing. People living with felonies face structural barriers that make it difficult to achieve basic life necessities such as housing, employment, and education.

D’Marria has an intimate understanding of the problems her community experiences. She reimagines what transformation can look like by connecting underresourced communities to the resources and centering their voices.

D'Marria Monday
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