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Lacreshia Jackson

Housing Manager


Lacreshia values PURPOSE, healing the little girl inside who is also a mother, student, leader, and advocate. She focuses on healing herself, which can help heal others. 

Lacreshia experienced firsthand the trauma of mass incarceration's revolving door of harm on families. She aims to share her story about family separation and the reunification process that has impacted many other families across Oklahoma.  The removal of mothers out of their children’s lives is a crisis that needs to change. There’s no support for mothers who have lost their rights to their children while incarcerated.

Lacreshia’s work as Housing Coordinator for Block Builderz has led to more opportunities to work alongside Housing Solutions, Away Home for Tulsa, and HUD to help seek changes by advocating in groups and rewriting grievances policies for people who’ve been impacted by the criminal justice system and experienced homelessness. This is purpose-filled work.

Lacreshia Jackson
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