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Rose Hurd

Family Resource Specialist


“It takes a village to raise a child” , this African proverb, has been the guiding force that led Rose Hurd to work with families.  Rose has been passionate about meeting the needs of the black community. For decades Rose has given back  in many ways such as  sharing information about HIV/Aids prevention, styling hair for less fortunate students, voter registration, teaching about gardening and forming a group supporting teen mothers.

In her life, Rose has experienced the social determinants that have negatively impacted the African American people, specifically, mothers. Rose became a birthworker, to address black maternal mortality,  morbidity, and  mental health. Rose's belief that the health of the family revolves around the health of the mother, inspired her to offer a holistic approach to their healing by encouraging self care. 

In Rose’s point of view, the “village” model has been impeded upon through colonization, industrialization and systemic racism,  displacing community members that are valuable to the investment of our future, the children. 

As Rose became an elder and matriarch in her family, Rose discovered that the village concept needed to be restored, Reclaiming the village is Rose’s  mission as the Family resource specialist at Block Builderz.

Rose Hurd
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